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September 18, 2008


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They look great, when I worked at the knitting shop last year we had so many ladies come in with questions about Dale of Norway patterns.And boy were they afraid to cut there sweaters. But we had this one guy that to look at him you would have never thought he knitted, he looked like a cop to me. But he knitted the most beautiful Dale of Norway sweaters. I never saw him knit anything else.


Beautiful color work! I have never tried steeks, just the thought of it sends me into a panic attack. But I should really try, seeing yours gives me some inspiration. And thanks for the nice comment on my blog.


Wow, just look at your fairisle-fu! and those nice, neat, even little stitches. You're my hero. :) Can't wait to see the hubby sweater. But, I want a modeled picture!


Wow that is so pretty! I'm afraid of steeks so haven't tried that, I need to. I'm always telling new knitters not to be afraid of the yarn lol. Great job! ; )


Your work is beautiful! Fair isle still scares me. For now, I'm a one-color gal.

Bea's Blog

Hei again...
I just found your beautiful Blog!!!
You seem to be really creative!
I was surprised to find that you are knitting typical Norwegian sweaters. This means a lot of work and is very traditional! I am very addicted to Norway - so I know what I am talking about, ha! can find out in my blog...
I looove your wedding pix; so pretty and you seem to be so happy!
I also love New England; have been there many times and always enjoyed it.
Hope to hear from you...
European Greetings

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