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September 17, 2008


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Amanda is a good friend indeed! I love the yarn color for the sweater. And, I'm slightly awe struck that you've gotten that far already. Way to go!


What a nice friend! I'm jealous of your yarn. And that baby sweater looks good- I love the color.


The sweater looks fabulous! I've never knit with cashmere either. Must do that soon!


You made me the yarn snob I am today! *sigh* You have made great progress on the baby sweater. It is nice to see you are knitting like mad again.
Thanks for the shout out. *blush*


Ohh! Yarn porn always makes me a little jealous. Here in Costa Rica, we only have acrylic blends and disgustingly ugly yarn (like fun fur!! Yech!!). So you can imagine what it's like to be a yarn snob in a country with no decent yarn. Lol.

Oh, and that baby sweater is coming along beautifully. The envy! :)


Love the baby sweater, I also love cashmere its like knitting with lotion.
What a great friend, I've never had grits but my hubby loves them.

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